North End Master Plan & Feasibility Study

North End Master PlanIn the mid- to late-1990s, land near the Odabashian Bridge, north of East Wenatchee, was the center of a contentious fight over whether a new shopping mall should be built at the site. In the end, the project was nixed. Today, the site, zoned general commercial and waterfront mixed use, is still largely undeveloped with multiple agencies responsible for providing services to the area, which is located within the City of East Wenatchee's urban growth boundary.

During 2012 and 2013, the firms BERK and RH2 Engineering were hired by the Port of Douglas to assess the market and feasibility for different potential uses in the study area, to assist in planning for the extension of urban services, and to strategize how best to stimulate private investment. . In the spring of 2014 the results of these efforts was finalized into a report entitled, “North End Market Study”, the full version of which can be found here. The report, which is viewed by the Port as a first phase effort, identified several action items, including recommending that an elected official’s advisory group be formed consisting of an elected official and top management from each of the area’s service providers and local government representatives, with the task of assessing the needs and challenges of the area. The Port has facilitated this group since early summer of 2014, and is continuing to work towards implementation of the other action items identified in this important economic development study.