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Economic Leadership Roundtable





Photos from Oct ELR 

The Economic Leadership Roundtables are quarterly lunch meeting hosted by the Port of Douglas County, and designed to bring together the Wenatchee Valley’s business, economic development and government leaders. Modeled after a similar program in Walla Walla, at each meeting the Port shares information on several economic indicators and provides an update on the economic climate and trends in Douglas County and the region. There is also an opportunity for attendees to share information and updates on projects they are involved in.

At the October 20th Roundtable Malachi Salcido, President of The Salcido Connection, Inc. and Managing Member of Salcido Enterprises, LLC, gave a presentation on his businesses along with a crash course in blockchain technology and modular data space. The Salcido Connection has three divisions; Mechanical, Electrical and site development while Salcido Enterprises specializes in incremental data space solutions.

Lisa Parks, Executive Director for the Port of Doulas County, gave a presentation on the North End Master Site (Subarea) Plan and Planned Action Ordinance that was adopted during the October 10th joint session of the City of East Wenatchee and Douglas County Commission. The development of the subarea plan started with outreach to the property owners in the study area along with visionaries from around the valley. After a shared vision for the 317 acre area was established, utilities, transportation, circulation and design standards were analyzed and developed.

Jim Fletcher, Business Advisor for the Small Business Development Center, shared some information about the i-Generation aka Gen-Z. and the importance of growing your business online. If you would like to talk to Jim about your business or a business idea, he can be contacted at 509-888-7252 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The next Economic Leadership Roundtable is scheduled for Thursday January 19th  

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Economic Leadership Roundtable January 21, 2016

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Economic Leadership Roundtable April 21, 2016

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Economic Leadership Roundtable August 5th, 2016

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Economic Leadership Roundtable October 20, 2016

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