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Cross-Dock Feasibility Study



The Port of Douglas County held a Manufacturing Summit in 2010 that indicated strong interest in addressing infrastructure and/or other investments that could improve the economic competitiveness of the region’s agricultural commodity producers and shippers, primarily in the tree fruit industry.  One specific recommendation that emerged from the Summit was for the Port to assist in the development of a freight cross dock or trans-loading facility that could be utilized by shippers throughout the Wenatchee Valley, the intent of which would be to increase the competitive position of growers and shippers relative to other tree fruit producing regions in the Pacific Northwest. 

Using resources secured by Representative Mike Armstrong in the State's transportation budget, the Port solicited proposals and selected Qvigstad & Associates, Inc., to conduct a study to assess the economic feasibility of a cross dock/trans loading facility for the tree fruit industry in the region.  In early 2013, the Port and their consultant began working with a technical advisory committee made up of representatives of the local and state public sector transportation agencies, private businesses and business associations involved in transportation of tree fruit from farm to market to review and evaluate the study report.  The final report was published in June of 2013. To read the report click here. To read the facts and key findings from the report click here.

 Pacific Rose apple trees