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In Douglas County ... We Get It!

In Douglas County, we know where we've been and where we're going.

As the primary economic development engine for the community, the Port of Douglas County has a simple focus: Facilitate healthy growth through partnerships, infrastructure investment and diversification. Those aren't empty words, either. Our region has a long history of working and innovating together.

For many years now, our primary industry has been agriculture. We grow world-class fruit and wheat, and package, process and ship it.

From that has evolved wineries, hard-cider houses and sustainable organic farms — and the resulting ag-tourism sector that attracts Seattleites and Portlanders by the thousands.

Likewise, our dams on the Columbia River have been providing cheap electricity for decades and creating an impetus for traditional manufacturers to open plants.

Now that same inexpensive power is luring data centers and other Internet-based companies.

Pangborn Memorial Airport offers direct flights to Seattle, a service we take great pride in.

But the airport terminal and runways and adjacent business parks wouldn't be in place if not for a true partnership between our port and the Port of Chelan County. By working together, we are more effective and efficient.

The list goes on.

The mighty Columbia and the Cascade foothills power recreation and provide a stunning geographic backdrop. That, in turn, has attracted second homes and visitor-based cottage industries and entrepreneurs.

You'll find golf courses ringing the river; basalt rock formations overlooking vineyards; backyards with unobstructed views of a ski resort.

We have apple farms. We have server farms. Investment, partnerships, diversification.

In some cases, that has meant supporting the tried-and-true. In other cases, it's all about nurturing the emerging. We get it.